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Editorial Services

Beta Read


The lightest form of editorial review.

I'll be reading your manuscript through the lens of a reader and editor, and deliver a full Reader Report that addresses genre-specific concerns, concerns specific to your manuscript, and overall impression of your work.

Manuscript Evaluation

$0.01 per word

A thorough read-through of your manuscript aimed at diagnosing its strengths, weaknesses, and identifying areas of need on a big picture scale.

This involves annotating your manuscript as needed and returning it with a full Editorial Report that contains feedback on every story element and actionable suggestions.

Copy Edit

$0.02 per word

Passing a fine-tooth comb through your work, I'll be looking at your work on a line by line, word by word basis to ensure consistency across the board. 

By default, this service follows the Chicago Manual Of Style. This is customizable to the needs of your project.

The Morning Mocha

A bi-weekly newsletter

Every other week I'll stop by for a quick chat about some updates, some thoughts, and the occasional gift.

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Inside The Bookshop

S. M. Ryan provided a thorough and articulate examination of my manuscript. Her reader report focused on several plot elements I need to consider. As well, her in-line comments illustrated many of my book’s strengths and its weaknesses. She delivered her analysis on time and with excellent value for the money.

Craig H.

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