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Armed With Ink

helping you refine your manuscript one word at a time

Writing a novel is hard work. Let us help ease the process as you prepare your novel for publishing.

Transitioning stories from your imagination onto the page tends to be a solo mission. No one can see the story through from idea to fruition except for you. Refining the story and bringing the best version of it to the reader has always been a team effort.

Regardless of where you are on your writing journey, I'm here to help you get the best version of your story onto the page and into readers' hands.​

at Armed with Ink we value


This is a solo-run editorial company. You can trust that the person you're talking to is the only one handling your manuscript. I will always be easily reachable, responsive, and available throughout the entire process.


Every manuscript is approached with a clear mind and fresh eyes from start to finish. I bring all of my expertise to the table for every service. Regardless of the service, attention to detail is never sacrificed.


Because I don't believe in compromising quality for cost, and I don't believe quality should break the bank. Service prices are not only aligned with industry-standard but I offer tailored payment plans for every service.

your vision

Helping you uncover and refine the heart of your story for your readers is my priority. Every suggestion, tip, trick, and advice is given with your personal goals in mind.  


Beyond working together, my goal is to impart you with education and information that you can carry with you into every story you write.

compassionate critique

While I will critique every aspect of your manuscript, I will do so mindfully, kindly, and always honestly. Getting feedback can be tough, but it will never be harsh.

continued support

Support doesn't have to end when I deliver your materials. You can always reach out for support on future novels and more.

some ways I can be of service to you

to help you prepare your novel to be next up on readers' TBR lists

The general process of working together looks like...

Sample Edit

I'll conduct a sample edit for you on the opening pages of your novel, flex my skills and knowledge for you through a combination of annotations and a bit of feedback for your consideration.

45 - 60min chat

The Author-Editor relationship is a partnership. 


We'll talk in-depth about your manuscript, where it currently stands, and your overall goal. I'll ask about your publishing intentions, your target audience, and your vision for the work.


This is where you'll get to ask me questions, too.

Contract & Deposit

When you're ready to commit to our partnership, we'll finalize the administrative details.


This covers the exchange of the contract, the invoice and payment options, turnover date, and deadlines. 

To secure your editing slot, a 25% deposit is required.

Manuscript Submission

With your editing slot locked in, you'll drop your manuscript into my inbox on the agreed turnover date. 

I'll confirm that it has been received and get to work on your manuscript.

Regluar Check-ins

I'll check in with you regularly throughout the duration of the beta read to keep you updated on my progress and appraised of any queries that may come up. 

Mostly, expect me to gush over my favorite scenes, moments and predictions.

Material Turnover

When the day comes, I'll be in your inbox with an annotated comply of your manuscript and a reader report for you to read through.

Feedback Chat

We can jump on a call immediately to discuss the feedback, and/or I'll remain directly available to you for 30 days to discuss feedback, next steps, help gather resources, or whatever else you need as you continue your journey toward publishing.

some novels I've worked on...

Request a Sample Edit

thanks for reaching out, Author, check your inbox for what to expect next!

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