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Helping You Refine Your Manuscript One Word At A Time


Helping indie authors bring their best story forward.

Transitioning stories from your imagination onto the page tends to be a solo mission. No one can see the story through from idea to fruition except for you.

Refining the story and bringing the best version of it to the reader has always been a team effort.

Regardless of where you are on your writing journey, I'm here to help you get the best version of your story onto the page and into readers' hands.​

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My Core Values


This is a solo-run editorial company. You can trust that the person you're talking to is the only one handling your manuscript. I will always be easily reachable, responsive, and available throughout the entire process.


Every manuscript is approached with a clear mind and fresh eyes from start to finish. I bring all of my expertise to the table for every service. Regardless of the service, attention to detail is never sacrificed.


Delivered on time every time. You've got a timeline and I'm never going to be part of the reason it's held up. Deadlines will always be discussed and set up realistically to ensure quality service.


Because I don't believe in compromising quality for cost, and I don't believe quality should break the bank. Service prices are not only aligned with industry-standard but I offer tailored payment plans for every service.


Why should you work with me?

I fell in love with reading and all things story when I was in middle school and started taking an earnest dive into every book I could get my hands on. Reading hundreds of books over the years and pursuing my B. A. in creative writing has honed my eye for storytelling. 

As an author and editor, I understand how important it is for you to work with an editor that understands your work and your vision. It's why all sample edits are 100% free.


This allows me to demonstrate my skills and editing style to ensure you are 100% satisfied and confident in working with me.

My onboarding process also allows open opportunities to ask me as many questions as you like!

Regardless of what service you are seeking, I strongly believe in the author-editor relationship being a partnership which means I will always be available to you even beyond the project we work on together. 

I work as an editor because I am passionate about making high-quality, honest, and compassionate editing services accessible and affordable for all indie authors. 

If you'd like to see if we'd be a good fit, feel free to reach out to me in the form below or email me any questions you have. 

Let Me Know How I Can Best Support You

Manuscript Evaluation

$0.01 per word

A thorough read-through of your manuscript aimed at diagnosing its strengths, weaknesses, and identifying areas of need on a big picture scale.

This involves annotating your manuscript as needed and returning it with a full Editorial Report that contains feedback on every story element and actionable suggestions.

Beta Read

$50 - $100

The lightest form of editorial review.

I'll be reading your manuscript through the lens of a reader and editor, and deliver a full Reader Report that addresses genre-specific concerns, concerns specific to your manuscript, and overall impression of your work.

Copy Edit

$0.02 per word

Passing a fine-tooth comb through your work, I'll be looking at your work on a line by line, word by word basis to ensure consistency across the board. 

By default, this service follows the Chicago Manual Of Style. This is customizable to the needs of your project.

My Process

Here's What You Can Expect

Initial Introduction

Stop By & Say Hey

To begin this partnership is easy. Fill out the contact form below with all of the required information and I'll get back to you in two business days to request any extra details and a sample size of your work.

The Exchange

The Sample Edit

When I request a sample of your work, I'll perform the desired service on the sample and return it to you within one business day.

This will display how I annotate manuscripts, and what you can expect of my work, and allow you to measure if my work matches the needs and expectations of your manuscript.

30 - 45 min

Commitment Free

The Author-Editor relationship is a partnership. 

We'll talk in-depth about your manuscript, where it currently stands, and your overall goal. I'll ask about your publishing intentions, your target audience, and your vision for the work.

This is where you'll get to ask me questions, too.

Lay Out The Details

Intentions and Expectations

When you're ready to commit to our partnership, we'll finalize the administrative details.

This covers the exchange of the contract, the invoice and payment options, turnover date, and deadlines. 

To secure your editing slot, a 25% deposit is required.

The Drop-off

Handled With Care

With your editing slot locked in, you'll drop your manuscript into my inbox on the agreed turnover date. 

I'll confirm that it has been received and get to work on your manuscript.

A Mini Vacation

For you - From your project

This is the part where you take a break from the project, and refill your creative well in whatever way makes you happy.

Throughout the process, I'll be keeping you informed on the progress via email, and remain easy to reach for anything you need.

The Return

Keeping My Word

Your manuscript will be returned to you on the agreed deadline, by end of business day, and not a day later. 

You receive an email with your manuscript and all components related to the service.

Closing Call

Tying Up Loose Ends

Once you've gone over the returned manuscript and it's components, we'll schedule another chat, if needed, to talk about absolutely anything you need to help you get started on the next step.

Image by Joyce McCown

I absolutely recommend Sam as a beta reader for your story! Her communication was quick, her notes thorough, and her charges very reasonable. She pointed out many specific things I can do to strengthen my story, as well as just reacting to the big plot points. It was a joy to read her notes and final report. I'll be coming back when my final draft is done!

S.M. Ryan provided a thorough and articulate examination of my manuscript. Her reader report focused on several plot elements I need to consider. As well, her in-line comments illustrated many of my book’s strengths and its weaknesses. She delivered her analysis on time and with excellent value for the money.

Maya B.

Craig H.

Be Advised: 
A non-refundable 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. This deposit can be moved with a two-week notice to a new date. A missed submission will result in the deposit being forfeited and a new deposit required for rescheduling.

Sample Edit Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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