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Beta Read

A reader that is part of your target audience, or reads in the genre of your work.
Beta readers are the test audience. The focus group. This is the lightest form of editorial review that includes feedback on the story as a whole.

The Focus

Genre Expectations

Plot, Pacing, Character(s)

Target Audience Expectation

Sensitivity Check


What You Get Back

Lightly Annotated Manuscript

Your annotated manuscript will reflect comments, questions, reactions, and suggestions in specific areas as it pertains to the focus areas listed above.

Reader Report

Similar to an Editorial Letter, you will receive feedback on my in-line notes as well as overall feedback on the areas listed above.

Some Things To Know About
Beta Reading

Is my work eligible for a Beta Read?

As long as your work has undergone at least one round of self-editing, it's fully eligible for a beta read.

This can be one chapter, multiple chapters, or the entire work.

What are the benefits of a professional Beta Read?

What is your rate for Beta Reading?

How do I know if a Beta Read is right for me?

You may benefit from a beta read if you are:

- more than one revision in and would like light professional feedback.

- preparing to go into your final revision and want to see if there are other things to consider as you dive in.

- want to know if you are fulfilling genre expectations, target audience expectations, or have missed a plot hole. 

- have questions about the story you'd like a reader's perspective/answer to.

- in need of a sensitivity check.

- and so much more!

If you're unsure if you're ready for a beta read, a sample edit and chat are available to you commitment-free through the contact form.

How do I know if you're part of my target audience?

Just ask me!

Seriously, it would be a lot for me to list when it comes to the types of books I read and have read over the years. If you want to know if your book is something I'd get into just fill out the form below or send me a message. Email or DM on any social platform is fine. There's little that I don't read. 

What I'm NOT a good fit for:

- Middle grade of any genre 

- Religious works

- Historical Non-fiction

$100 - $250* Quoted based on the sample edit and needs of the manuscript.

Getting your work Beta Read professionally means that not only can you guarantee a response, but as an editor, you'll be getting an added layer of perspective as I read your story, looking at the overall story arc, character arcs, how the work lines up against genre expectations, and audience expectation.

Be Advised: 

A non-refundable 25% deposit is required at the time of booking.

This deposit can be moved with a two-week notice to a new date.

A missed submission will result in the deposit being forfeited and a new deposit required for rescheduling.

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