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Copy Edit

create an immersive reading experience for your audience

I'll go line by line through your manuscript to create a smooth reading experience for your audience by suggesting and implementing changes that address grammar, punctuation, syntax, style, and more, all while maintaining your unique writing voice.

The Focus

Grammar & punctuation

Spelling, capitalization, & formatting choices

Language, dialects, & speech descritpions

Consistency of tone, style, descriptions, timeline, character & world details, & more...

Maintaining your unique writing voice

Creating a stylesheet customized to your manuscript

general copyediting process

The Copy Edit

I'll do a thorough copy edit of your revised novel helping to ensure consistancy, grammar, punctation, spelling, and much more to refine and maintain your unique writing style. 

Revision Round

You'll review my suggestions and feedback and make final changes to your manuscript before returning it to me one last time.

Final Polish

I'll review your changes and accepted feedback and deliver you a polished and ready-to-format manuscript.

this service entitles you to...

Thoroughly Marked Manuscript

Your annotated manuscript will reflect comments, questions, reactions, and suggestions in specific areas as it pertains to the focus areas listed above in addtion to organic reader reactions.

Polished Manusript

A final version of your manuscript with all of the changes accepted and ready for formatting.

Personalized Stylesheet

An in-depth book report on all the important aspects of your story, my experience as a reader, as well as suggestions and considerations for areas in need of support.

Feedback Chat

Continued support for 30 days as you move through any revisions or need an editor to talk through your story with.

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