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Copy Edit

Thoroughly combing through your manuscript one line at a time to ensure consistency throughout the work in terms of grammar, tone, tense, syntax, language, and spelling. Intended to address errors on a technical level.

The Focus





Adherence to the style guide of your choice


What You Get Back

Annotated Manuscript

Your annotated manuscript will reflect suggested changes and comments as needed.

Clean Copy of Manuscript

A final version of your manuscript with all of the changes accepted.

Editorial Report

The editorial letter will be delivered alongside your annotated manuscript as a detailed breakdown and overview of all of my findings, feedback, and a stylesheet.

Some Things To Know About Copy Edits

How do I know if I'm ready for a Copy Edit?

The copy edit takes place after all developmental edits, line edits, beta reading, and evaluations have been done.  

This step is the second to last polishing step to publishing your work. 

If you have gone through all of the major editing steps and are looking to refine the words on the page, and ensure details are read and written consistently, you're ready for a copy edit.

What style guide do you use & what is a stylesheet?

By default, I utilize the Chicago Manual of Style.

A Stylesheet is a guide that is unique to your manuscript. This will track things like character names and descriptions, setting details, names and how they are written, and other important details that are important to keep consistent and specific to the story.

What is your rate for Copy Editing?

My rate for COPY EDITING is $0.02 per word. 

All rates listed on this website are in line with Standard Editorial Rates.

Why do I get back two versions of my manuscript?

The annotated version of your manuscript will demonstrate where changes have been made and have notes and comments. 

The Clean Copy will be a version of your manuscript with all of the changes already accepted, resulting in the final and clean version of the manuscript, bearing any choice you choose to reject. 

Be Advised: 

A non-refundable 25% deposit is required at the time of booking.

This deposit can be moved with a two-week notice to a new date.

A missed submission will result in the deposit being forfeited and a new deposit required for rescheduling.

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