Inspiration & My W. I. P.

What inspired my current project and some spooky season inspired prompts for you.

Journey to the throne is the main story project that I started back in April during Camp NaNoWriMo. I admit to having put the project down since and have been focusing on other aspects of my writing and smaller projects. I ran straight at it for thirty days and I needed the break.

The inspiration for the story came from both flipping through a notebook I pulled from my graveyard of unfinished stories and re-reading through my copy of the oxford companion to world mythology.

The story takes place in an alternate version of New York City, fifty years from now when vampires and werewolves are the least of anyone's problems.

It's a story of betrayal, heartache, violence, and life-altering decisions for Devi Sorrow.

For me, I find inspiration in my own writing, the TV shows I'm watching, books I've read, and the world that I've been building for years, that birthed Journey to the Throne.

The shorter stories I'm working on were inspired by a story prompt and a story starter that came to me while working on my project during CampNaNoWriMo.

These ideas are still in the brainstorming stages but if I pick one of them up between now and NaNoWriMo, I may tell you about it.


In the spirit of inspiration and spooky season, I want to share some creative prompts that I came up with for you to have fun with and twist as you wish.

  • There's a ghost of a stranger who's lived in your closet for the entire time you've lived in your home. You've never seen them outside of your closet, until today.

  • You come home from work to find a dinner invitation and a gift box waiting for you at your door. Who is it from? What's in the box?

  • On your way out, there's a limo waiting and a Demon escort. The devil has requested your audience. What does he want from you?

  • You meet your soulmate who happens to be an immortal that confesses to finding you in every lifetime, at different stages in your life but you always die at the same age. Your last birthday is one year away.


What inspired your current work in progress? Where do you usually find your inspiration? Let me know in the comments below.

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