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In an ideal world, I’d never need music while I’m writing because I’d live in silence 85% of the time. But the world is not ideal so, I have a few go-to playlists to keep me focused.

Generally, my go-to music range from hip-hop and r&b to alternative to rock and some punk. I like keeping an open mind about music but if I have to choose, I'd go 90's any day of the week.

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, l use my headphones a lot to help me focus on whatever I'm doing and drown out whatever is going on around me.

I'm not one of those writers with a curated playlist for every project.

If I took the time to do that I would never get anything done. I also can’t listen to the same music for creative writing as I do for blogging or even when I’m doing regular everyday shit.

My music has to fit my mood but I’m not about to sit on Spotify for hours to curate a playlist that won’t fit my mood a week from now. I just ain’t got that kind of time.

My most recently liked songs on Spotify. It needs some updating but reserve your judgement.

I will say I haven’t really been updating my playlist much these days but that's because I'm not good about liking and adding the music I’m listening to while I'm listening to it— it distracts me and I get less done.

When I’m listening to my usual everyday playlist, it's usually because I’m adulting or doing admin work and lyrics aren’t so distracting.

My music choices for writing vary between chill lo-fi playlists or any playlist that’s instrumental and doesn’t make me sleepy.

For creative writing, I’ve been leaning toward thunderstorm sounds (an actual playlist on Spotify) as background noise as of late. Not because it sets a mood but because it helps my creative voice be the only one I hear and keeps me in the flow of whatever scene I’m writing.

Also, dancing while writing is incredibly counterproductive. You can’t really get jiggy to the sounds of rain so it keeps me on task every time.


Can you listen to music while you write or are you the silent writing type? Let me know in the comments below your favorite writing playlist. But also your secret ways of getting silent time if you have any.

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