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October Goals: Week Three Check-In

It's been three weeks, it's felt like two months, and I realize time passes in a weird way for me. You'd think blogging every day would have me on track.

It doesn't but you would think so.

This week I shared some of my favorite world-building resources and some character inspiration for getting your story gang together.

I also threw in some trope talk and shared s few of my favorite writing books on my shelf right now.

As far as the goals I set for the month:

  1. Publishing a blog post every day for the month of #Preptober2020 following (mostly) the challenge

  2. Milwordy challenge and keeping my tracking updated regularly with all my writing work.

It's been, for the most part, a smooth ride with posting every day and I can feel the increase in my word count and a decrease in the time frame it's taking me to get things done.

Now, I admit that I skipped day 20's post, both because I don't have authors I admire and because I didn't know what to write in its place. I also kind of just needed the day to not think about writing and while I could kick myself in the ass for it, I won't.

I've published a new blog post every day for twenty days and it feels nice so I skipped a day. Whatever. I'm still winning. Including my Milwordy tracker being up to date. Issa win-win.

Other updates:

a. I'm going to participate in NANO whit year, but I'm going to do it my way and maybe skipping the write everyday bug for obvious reasons.

b. I'm going to be cutting back to blogging once or twice a week and never blog every day of any month ever again.

C. I may or may not continue the planning video, though I'm considering sharing more days in the lifestyle videos.

This past week felt short for me and while there's no plan with me a video this week, I will say I have some things I plan to share as #Preptober2020 wraps up and we roll into NaNo next month.

How has your week gone? Let me know in the comments below.

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