Plan With Me: Week Two Check In

Has it really only been TWO weeks?

It's hard to believe it's only been two weeks when it feels like I'm already in the third week of October but maybe I've just had a long one.

This week I've talked about how I got the inspiration for my project, Journey to the Throne-- which I formally announced last week. Shared a little about how I keep my creative tank full throughout the week while trying to write a new blog post every day and I gave you all a sneak peek at my workspace that I've put together over the last year or so.

I also had a graduation of sorts from an E-course that I've been taking for a few months now called Create Your Purpose, which has helped me keep moving toward exactly that. I've also signed up for another e-course called Art Like a Boss by one of my favorite content creators.

As far as the goals I set for the month:

1. Publishing a new blog post for every day of #preptober2020

2. Milwordy challenge and keeping my tracker properly updated with all my writing work

It's been a smooth run with publishing every day and the challenge of increasing my daily word count, though I admit to having a few days when I didn't really feel like writing so much as spending the whole day in my pajamas and bumming it out on the couch. I haven't given in to the idea but I know what simple joy I'll be indulging in as soon as the month is over.

I’m also admitting to being a tiny bit off track with keeping up with my tracker but I suppose two days behind is better than three or four days behind. No? I'm going with yes and will have it updated by the time you're reading this. Maybe.

I know I've mentioned possibly getting in on NaNoWriMo a few times, and I'm still leaning on the fence but creeping over to the side of yes so I may or may not be making an announcement sometime next week.

Overall, it's been a good writing week, but if it can stop dragging its ass that would be nice.


This week also brought a small reminder back for me: remember to charge the camera!

If you've been keeping up with my plan with me videos then you know there's far more to my planning than what I've got in this week's video, but I am guilty of having forgotten to check my camera battery before I dove in and started planning the week.

Easy to see that the camera stopped rolling but I kept going. I'll work on it.

Check out the video below if you enjoy planning type things and let me know in the comments how your second week of Preptober is going.


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