Trope Talk: Urban Fantasy

Tropes exist in pretty much everything we read, watch, and so on. I'm not saying these tropes are only found in urban fantasy, they are just the ones I'm tired of seeing in urban fantasy and ones I want to see more of.


Tropes I'm Tired of Seeing

  • Supernatural always saving humanity - I've got nothing against savin humanity but why does every main character have to be concerned with saving the world? Humans are great and all but if you aren't one, can we focus on our own here?

  • The Detective - or bounty hunter, or tracker, or an otherwise law-abiding person of power. I know ya'll all not doing the same damn job. Why there so much crime then?

  • Everyone's an orphan - Not one character has a mother they call for everything? a Sunday family dinner to get to? Every one just raised themselves?

  • Older vampire in love with new age adolescent - I don't even have to explain myself and you know it.

  • Main characters hating their responsibilities 100% of the time - I get being thrown into an alternate world and having to come to terms with a responsibility you didn't want but at some point, either accept it or something. The constant complaining about it is exhausting.

  • Teenagers running around unsupervised - You telling me no one's momma is checking their beds at night? Again, all ya'll are orphans?


Tropes I Want to See More of

  • Family dynamics - I feel like I just don't see enough family dynamics being played out in urban fantasy, especially in young adult or new adult. I'm not asking for a whole cast of the family but can you call your mother once in a while? No one is calling you at the wrong time to ask to borrow some money for something?

  • Literally, any occupation that isn't a bounty hunter or law keeper of any kind - I'm not explaining myself, just get another job.

  • Morally grey characters that aren't the villain - What about a morally compromised best friend? Think about it.


What are your favorite and least favorite tropes in your genre?

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