Where I Write - A Mini Desk Tour

We've come such a long way. From the bed to a 55" desk, ya'herd.

Though I've shown bits and pieces of my set up on my Instagram over the last few years, this year brought a major change when my handy dandy laptop decided she had enough and was starting to tap out of the game. She overheated every thirty minutes and couldn't stand for much if she wasn’t plugged in.

Instead of doing what I always do which is waiting for my tech to be on its last leg before going to the nearest place to get a new one — I took the time to start building up a writing space I would enjoy approaching on a daily basis and so far, she’s shaping up well.

My setup is meant to be functional and easy to be at for long hours without me having to do a bunch of the tedious things I hate which just took up more time than it needed to when I was writing in bed.

As cozy as it is to work from my bed, the setup and break down of it all got old quickly.

So, Boom I ordered a desk, some PC parts and after a few months, my setup started coming together.

For now, I’ll resist gushing over how I started from the bed and now I’m here, and instead, I’m giving out what the highlights of my writing space do for me.

The Major Players:

The Tower - Yes, Daria watches me from the inside.

The Tower— I don’t know what else to call her but she houses all things near and dear and is the reason I’m back to running more than two programs at a time without worrying something will burn out or end it all for good. Shout out to her for holding it down since she showed up. (Since I built her part by part but - same shit).

She also happens to lord over my graveyard of notebooks and quick grab notes I usually need as I switch between projects.


She knows how to manage her own space.

The Monitor — to be honest, I think I had this picked out long before I looked at any other pieces for my PC and it showed up before anything else. Was I about to resist a monitor that allowed me to optimize the full depth of my desk but also flexes so I don’t have to strain my eyes or neck when I need a closer look? Hell to the Nah.

I love my monitor not just because of its size but I really enjoy how I can push and pull it away from the wall without compromising the space on my desk.

No photo can do justice to these keys, but I try anyway.

This Keyboard - okay I lied about the monitor because this keyboard is the real reason I gave in to building a PC instead of opting for another laptop. It was the first thing that went on my Pinterest vision board and my favorite purchase of them all.

it gives me the typewriter experience but modern and to be real, it’s the bit of writing inspiration that keeps on giving. How can I go a day without typing on this? I can’t. I don‘t.

That Top Shelf — isn’t special on its own but I love having my go-to books of the moment on hand and my Alter above me to go with the one I keep to the left of me with my candles burning and my daily tarot card pulls.


My writing set up is designed simply and with the intention of maintaining the intentions I set and making it easier for me to move through my workday.

The order and assortment of books around my space change depending on what I’m working on but keeping my daily planners in immediate reach and keeping my space orderly and cleansed alongside everything else is what helps to keep me writing.


Let me know in the comments below what your favorite part of your workspace is and how your space inspires you.

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