The Novel Writing Journal

helping writers cultivate a healthy relationship with their novels.


I struggled to get beyond the first act in my novel before I'd feel overwhelmed.


As an intuitive writer, plotting and assessing the work itself wasn't always the answer. Often times I was putting pressure and expectations on my novel that I wasn't fully conscious of and it hindered my ability to keep writing the story. 

I hadn't realized it was creating a block between me and my creative energy.

Until I added journaling as part of my writing ritual.

The intention of this journal is to help you cultivate a healthy relationship with your novel as you write it, by giving you a space to navigate the hard feelings around your novel and the overall process of writing.


Let's face it if getting from start to finish with a manuscript was easy and without its bumps in the road, everyone would do it and we wouldn't have piles of unfinished work.


Mental, and sometimes emotional, roadblocks will arise throughout the writing process. This journal is intended to help you work your way through those roadblocks so you can keep moving forward while nurturing a healthy connection between you and your work.


Guided entries to help you cultivate a connection with your project before you begin.

40 prompts to turn to when you're struggling with your project.

Lots of blank pages to help you uncover your writing blocks and work through them to keep moving forward.