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Writers helping writers just makes sense.

Brainstorming Session $40

Sometimes you just need a sounding board

Brainstorming sessions are just that. 

For thirty minutes we can meet (Via Zoom) to discuss whatever you need to in regards to:

- Writing

- A project you’re working on 

- Getting out of a creative rut 

- Finding direction for yourself and your platform

- If you just need someone to bounce some ideas off of and get honest feedback

You'll come away with honest feedback and actionable advice to help you move forward with whatever you're working on. 

Story Review $3/1000 words

Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes

If you've written something you'd like feedback on, I'd love to help. 

I will read your work and give you honest feedback from the perspective of a reader, who is also a writer and editor. 

Who Is This For?

This service is ideal for writers still working on their story drafts, preparing to enter into the revision phase, or in need of feedback but aren't ready to commit to a manuscript critique. 

What You Get

You receive an editorial letter with feedback on your story, highlights of all its strengths and weaknesses,  and all of its elements along with actionable advice on how to polish the story going forward to achieve your goal. 

Sensitivity Read

Genres: Fantasy, Erotica, Science Fiction

What You Get

A sensitivity read will review your work for misrepresentation, cultural insensitivities, and insensitive language and portrayals.

I will give you feedback and suggestions on how to fix the problems so your manuscript is more inclusive and accurate. 

Topics I Cover

  • Racism 

  • Colorism 

  • Cultural ignorance

  • Mental Health

  • Misogynoir

  • Black/African American Culture

  • Latin Culture

  • Interracial Relationships (intimate, friendships, family dynamics)

Important Note

A sensitivity read will help writers who are portraying characters and cultures they are not personally a part of. The sensitivity read and feedback will help to eliminate harmful stereotypes and inaccurate representations.

Having a sensitivity read done of your work does not guarantee that your work is 100% free of harmful statements or portrayals.

This is NOT a "Free Pass".

A sensitivity read will assist in eliminating glaring, harmful and hurtful misrepresentations.

Pricing for this service varies based on manuscript length and may be combined with any other service offered.

For a tailored estimate, please reach out to me directly. 

How to Get Started

To get started with any service, simply reach out via email.

Yep. It's that easy. 

In your email, place which service you are requesting in the subject line and tell me about yourself and your project in the body of the email. 

Feel free to let me know your expectations of me and your desired turnaround time. Though I ask you to keep in mind that I have other clients and while I will do my best to work with your desired time frame, it may not always be feasible. I will always let you know of my availability for your project upfront.

You can also ask me questions! To work as a team, we need to know if we are the right fit for each other. I encourage your questions. 

I'm here to help you with your writing journey in any way that I can.