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Manuscript Evaluation

get a bit of guidance as you head into the next round of revisions for your novel

Manuscript evaluations bring a fresh set of eyes to your manuscript as a whole, in whatever stage that it is in. The intention of this service is to offer suggestions, and feedback, and highlight any potential problems in the overall story that can be improved in the revision process.

​This is perfect for diagnosing plot holes, story structure, dialogue, character development issues, pacing issues, style, and more. This is a good fit if you're looking for help during the development of your novel and need clarity on the next steps in your journey to publishing.

The Focus


Target Audience

Plot Development

Story Structure

Character Arc(s)

World Building


Areas of Concern

this service entitles you to...

Annotated Manuscript

Your annotated manuscript will reflect comments, questions, reactions, and suggestions in specific areas as it pertains to the focus areas listed above in addtion to organic reader reactions.

Editorial Letter

8-10 pages of in-depth feedback, observations, and revisions suggestions on all areas of your work. 

We'll address all areas that work and what still needs work and provide you with a guide to help you with next steps

Feedback Chat

Continued support for 60 days as you move through any revisions or need an editor to talk through your story with.

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